25% off Order Ready - Application for Restaurants, Order Collection Services

OrderReady is a mobile solution used to notify and alert your customers as soon as their order items are ready. It is a digital display system used to notify and alert customers once their order numbers are ready, using any smart TV or PC monitor screen with internet connection.

No need to shout out the order numbers, and definitely much better than using electronic pagers or buzzer devices! Easily show the “Now Serving” numbers to your customers.

Project a professional image for your business and serve your customers better by leveraging technology!

Our solution is well suited for: Fast food restaurants, Package pick ups, Service repairs, Rental shops and many more!

Efficient: no need to shout the order numbers, prevent customers from repeatedly asking if their orders are done.

Professional: use technology to enhance the processes for your business

Service: improve customers service with timely notifications

Ts & Cs

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Company: Order Ready

Service Area: Nationwide


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