Hire / Book Stef du Plessis Motivational and Business Speaker on Change Management.

Hire / Book Stef du Plessis Motivational and Business Speaker on Change Management.

Hire / Book Stef du Plessis Motivational and Business Speaker on Change Management, Communication, Corporate Culture, Cultural Diversity, Environment / Green, Management / Leadership, Motivation, Team Work

Stef du Plessis is a speaker, facilitator, workshop leader and team-builder. He grows people and organisations by focusing on self-mastery, teamwork, and leadership at all levels. He enthralls audiences with profound African wisdom, learnt at the feet of his guide, Masiwa, while spending time in the bush as a wildlife photographer.

Through the skilful use of every conceivable facet of multi-media, he brings to life the African bush with sights and sounds that will be remembered long after the curtain has come down. Delegates from around the globe consistently rate him as the top speaker at conferences, and describe his presentations as refreshing, unique, captivating… and life changing!

With a masters degree in leadership, Stef still considers that the education that he’s gotten on his own is the most valuable. He is on a constant quest for the latest and best in people transformation methodology – and working internationally, he is in regular contact with leadership development experts around the world, thus enjoying continuous exposure to new practices.
He has delivered more than 2 500 paid presentations on self-mastery, lifestyle management, leadership, and change management across five continents over the past decade. Internationally recognized both as a master storyteller and as a specialist in the field of understanding and stimulating human potential, his high-energy presentations are always humorous and entertaining, while striking at the very core of our being.

But he is much more than just a word weaver: with a Masters degree in personal and professional leadership, his presentations are rich in content. And his broad experience ensures that his presentations are also jam-packed with real-world know how, equipping his audience with tried and tested tips, tools and techniques ready for immediate application.


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