Hire / Book Shaun Pollock Shaun Sports Star Celebrity MC


Hire / Book Shaun Pollock Shaun Sports Star Celebrity MC

Hire / Book Shaun Pollock Sports Star Celebrity MC

Shaun Maclean “Polly” Pollock

Having played in the backyard with his uncle and considering the type of stuff floating around in his gene pool, it would have been surprising if Shaun Pollock had not been an international cricketer – and a very good one at that.
Shaun Pollock came up against the English in his debut test at Centurion Park in 1995. And he made his name hit the headlines with the wickets of the BIG THREE of English at that time. The icing on the cake was being coached by the legendary Malcolm Marshall himself. Shaun always referred to the great West Indian fast bowler as his mentor.
Shaun comes from a family of mainly Scottish ancestry. His paternal grandfather, Andrew Pollock, who played for Orange Free State, was born in Edinburgh. His father Peter Pollock and his uncle, Graeme Pollock both outstanding bowlers and batsmen of their time.
Shaun is married to Patricia “Trish” Lauderdale. Patricia was a finalist in the Miss South Africa pageant in the early ’90s. Shaun is a family man, devoted husband and a very very proud father of two daughters, Jemma and Georgia.Before retiring in February 2008 Shaun had proudly worn the Protea’s jersey for over 12 years. Shaun Pollock boasts an impressive career with over 100 tests and over 300 ODI games under his belt.The importance of God and family in your life………

My faith is at the centre of my life… It helps me to keep things balanced and puts everything in perspective. During the bad times I draw strength from Jesus Christ and during the good times I like to remember that He gave me the talent to achieve in this sport. Without my faith I know that I wouldn’t bounce back from the everyday trials a sportsman endures.

He has blessed me with a wonderfully supportive and close family and I have the most awesome friendship with my wife, Tricia.


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