Hire / Book Larry Soffer Magician / Mentalist


Hire / Book Larry Soffer Magician / Mentalist

Hire / Book Larry Soffer Magician / Mentalist

Larry Soffer has performed at top corporate events as an MC and an entertainer which has led him to become the Ice-Breaker conversation-maker at any event! He is a sought-after performer by Royalty and celebs and he is destined to live his dream as the greatest Mentalist of this century!

He is in a league of his own, as Mike of Mike & The Mechanics quoted: “I have seen Mentalists/Magicians in the Uk and all over the world, but Larry is on a different level”. The world’s best creator of illusions and magical advisor of David Copperfield’s best illusion, Don Wayne has partnered with Larry. Together, Larry and Don made the biggest monument in Africa disappear – the Voortrekker Monument. This year, the team will vanish Table Mountain; no other magician has ever attempted the big mountain’s disappearance!

Larry’s story:

Gifted as a child, Larry had the ability to experiment with certain capabilities and he further nurtured it by using the platform of the arts to demonstrate his love for ‘Mentalism’ and magic.

He has been seen fixing broke watches, bending metal through radio and television stations and reading people’s minds including levitating objects with volunteers, on stage and off stage.

He is a Member of the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and Larry became the youngest and only South African to have performed at this very prestigious event at the Academy in California.

He has travelled the world, performed an amount of 9 times in the Seychelles (for the same Prince) and he has had thousands of crowds spellbound at the Nelson Mandela Bay Splash Festival, GrandWest Casino, Hemingway’s Casino, Uptown Theatre and the B&W Pavilion (to name a few!)

Top corporate companies have hired him several times to experience this young man’s abilities up-close.

Born in Cape Town, Larry has wowed and impressed audiences coast to coast; on land and on sea, sharing his array of astonishing feats for Prince Harry, Jay Z and Beyonce (to name a few).

With an exceptional and extensive repertoire that encompasses traditional sleight of hand, precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy, he is most celebrated for his motivational philosophy and astounding ferromagnetic abilities that allow him to effortlessly bend, break and levitate metallic objects (as well as animate mechanical devices with a simple act of will). He can view objects that are hidden, read minds and even predict the future!

Larry stands firm by the belief that we all have the power to create anything if we allow ourselves!



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