Hire / Book Conrad Koch Motivational Speaker MC and Comedian


Hire / Book Conrad Koch Motivational Speaker MC and Comedian

Hire / Book Conrad Koch Motivational Speaker MC and Comedian

Conrad Koch is a funny guy with a funny surname. His Bank Manager tells him he is one of South Africa’s most sought after corporate comedians, his girlfriend tells him he talks to dolls… Either way, his approach is completely unique, combining razor sharp stand up comedy, puppetry and social anthropology to create hilarious, but thought provoking comedy encounters.
Conrad has been receiving standing ovations for the past 16 years. His first big break came through 5FM’s Heavyweight Comedy Jams, followed by the Smirnoff International Comedy festival, the South African Comedy Festival in London, the Vodacom Comedy Festival, the 94,7 King Size Comedy Jams, and more. His TV credits include the likes of Top Billing, Jerry Springer’s ‘Saturday Night Live’, Evita Bezuidenhout’s, ‘Evita Live and Dangerous’… He was even a question on ‘The Weakest Link’. Conrad has worked internationally, in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Greece and around Africa and the Indian Ocean.
As for corporate work, Conrad has performed for everyone from ABSA to YFM. He is booked again and again by the likes of SAA, Goldfields, Sun International, FNB, and GlaxoSmithKline, etc. The characters he creates are uniquely placed to speak to people at all levels of the organization – from CEO’s to cleaning staff, Conrad entertains them all. He even learned Zulu to help him along (ok, it’s really bad Zulu, so if you are Zulu, please don’t tell!).
Conrad’s passion is the meeting place of comedy and culture. In fact, he has almost completed his Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology (i.e. culture, not bones), in which he examined the politics and social dynamics of two of South Africa’s biggest banks. As a result Conrad is inundated with enquiries for road shows and training events for companies dealing with issues such as diversity, re-structures, mergers and culture change. Research shows that when people laugh and interact they learn far more effectively.
Watching a grown man talk to himself, is either very painful or very funny. We like to think Conrad is very funny! Voices come through an Ostrich from Sandton (made of two feather dusters and a slipper); a green Tokoloshe who thinks he’s a sex symbol; and a guy called Chester, who, being neither black nor white, is severely irate. The ‘koeksuster’ on top, is where Conrad creates a boy band with two audience members – they provide the voices, they provide the moves.
Length of Show/Talk: 45 – 60 minutes
Target Audience: People at all levels of an organization
“Brings the roof down!”
The Independent, London
“The crowd went wild!”
Distell Roadshow
Mail & Guardian, SA
“Conrad was superb… His performance created a huge amount of positive energy!”
Absa Business Centre

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