Hire / Book Anthony Turton Keynote Speaker on Environment / Green, Strategy and Globalisation.


Hire / Book Anthony Turton Keynote Speaker on Environment / Green, Strategy and Globalisation.

Hire / Book Anthony Turton Keynote Speaker on Environment / Green, Strategy and Globalisation.

We cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with today’s science anymore…we need to innovate and be creative (ingenuity on the cusp of chaos)

“Harvesting Ingenuity from the Cusp of Chaos”.

A political scientist with 22 years of strategic-level experience, Anthony Turton specialises in the interface between hard science and policy. His recent work has focussed on understanding water as a business risk. His professional experience has mostly been about decision-making under conditions of great uncertainty.

He has published widely on the subject of trans-boundary river basin management. Currently he is focussing on water and the mining industry as ‘a sub-national trans-boundary issue of strategic significance’, in a water-constrained region with a strong mining economy. He has extensive experience in strategic planning in situations of high conflict, with a view to mitigating that conflict and moving towards a posture of peace, stability and economic growth.

Linked with this is Anthony’s ability to develop accurate strategic-level forecasting to guide decision-making under conditions of political uncertainty, thereby reducing risk. In his latest book, “Shaking Hands with Billy”, he shares his insight and experience in the management of the process of political transformation including the development of adaptive strategies, institutional dynamics and the inculcation of a changed corporate culture.

Dr Turton served as a Unit Fellow in the Natural Resource and Environment (NRE) business unit at the CSIR, with the highest National Research Foundation (NRF) accreditation within the NRE team then focussing on water resource management. He is a founding member of the Universities Partnership for Trans-boundary Waters (UPTW) and the former President. He was the alternative representative of the CSIR on the Board of Governors of the World Water Council (WWC); was an Executive Director of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) (2007-2009); is Vice President of the IWRA (2010 – 2012); served on the Scientific Committee of UNESCO IHP 6, and is an Extraordinary Professor at the University of Free State in the Centre for Environmental Management.

He was given the Habitat Council Award for Conservation in 2009 for “his principled stance in defence of the right of the public to be informed of the truth, and the courage he displayed in publishing the state of the region’s water resources, thereby refusing to compromise his scientific integrity”. He was given the Nick Steele Award and named by SA Breweries (Ltd) as the Environmentalist of the Year in 2010 for his work on Acid Mine Drainage as a risk to the national economy and human health.

Anthony serves as an editor of “Water Policy” (the official journal of the WWC), “Water International” (the official journal of the IWRA) and on the Editorial Board of the “International Journal of Water Resources Development”, “Water Alternatives” and Springer-Verlag, a German-based text-book publisher.


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