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Hire / Book Anèl Bester – Wellness Coach and Speaker

Anèl Bester is the founder of Phenomanèl which focusses on bringing back balance, health, vitality, focus and unbounded energy to people’s lives through coaching, mastermind groups, public speaking and workshops.

Her passion is unlocking the potential within people by aligning life purpose with daily living, thereby clearing distractions which lead to laser-sharp focus and incredible results.

Following fifteen years in the corporate world, fulfilling various roles of training and management, Anèl enhanced her Honours degree in Psychology with a Coaching qualification and embarked on a journey of inspiration.

Since 2007 Anèl has worked with people from all walks of life and found joy in supporting them in embracing a healthier, more balanced life-style, enhancing their performance, careers, relationships, and general levels of satisfaction.

Trained by world renowned Andy Harrington, founder of the Public Speakers University, Anèl brings her passion to inspire and connect with people to the stage along with her ever-present sense of humour to make for an entertaining yet highly informative presentation.

Sharing her personal story of overcoming her greatest fears, facing adversity, and defying all odds in her quest to become an IronMan, she invites others to look at their own lives and identify where they are holding themselves back from living phenomenal lives, whilst gently nudging the listener to reach for higher standards!

Anèl reveals her formula for obtaining an Unbeatable Mindset which will serve you in every area of your life.

An adventurer at heart, Anèl continuous participating in endurance events such as Iron Man and the Salomon Sky Run to push her own personal boundaries and inspire all who doubt their ability to accomplish the ‘impossible’.

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